Resident’s utility knife stops shirtless teen burglar

Noel Stivensson taken to hospital for treatment after Sunday incidents

A siren and a Portland police car, file. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A shirtless 19-year-old allegedly broke into a Southeast Portland apartment but came out on the short end of an encounter with the resident who had a utility knife.

Noel Stivensson was taken to a hospital for treatment after the early Sunday morning incidents that began with the break-in followed by a foot chase, jumping into a police car before getting away, trying to break into another nearby residence and an attempt to get into the passenger side of another car before police corralled him.

The incident began around 8:20 a.m. in the 600 block of SE 148th when Stivensson tried to break into an apartment, police said. But the resident grabbed a utility knife and scared him away. The resident went outside to make sure the teen was gone, but used the knife when the suspect confronted him, police said.

That’s when Stivensson got into the passenger seat of a PPB patrol car. The officer got Stivensson out, but he managed to run away, police said. He tried to break into another residence, but the occupants “repelled” him. He then tried to get into the passing car, but was arrested around SE 148th and Mill.

Authorities said Stivensson is being treated for injuries that are not life-threatening and for being under the influence of drugs. Charges are pending after his medical treatment.

The resident who used the utility knife is not expected to face any charges, police said.