Warm weather allows crews to patch potholes

Crews take advantage of warm weather

Crews patched potholes in North Portland, May 4 2017. (KOIN)
Crews patched potholes in North Portland, May 4 2017. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — City crews are using the sunshine and warm weather as an opportunity to fix potholes around the city.

The city is more than two months into the Pothole Patch-a-Thon, launched after winter weather wreaked havoc on roads.

Portland Bureau of Transportation was at work patching a number of large potholes in North Portland Thursday, where neighbors say it was desperately needed.

“Those potholes can really knock somebody off a bike,” Matt Fildes, who lives on N Willamette Blvd, tells KOIN 6 News.

“It’s been in the last month or two that I’ve really noticed that it’s pretty extreme because it’s right behind my driveway,” he says.

Matt says he heard a car lose a hubcap to one of the potholes as recently as Wednesday night. He’s thrilled crews are out working Thursday.

“As we patch thousands of potholes, thousands more requests are coming in, and we’re prioritizing them as best we can,” Dylan Rivera with PBOT tells KOIN 6 News.

Rivera says the dry warm weather is ideal to work on the roads. He says crews have made a lot of progress since the Patch-a-Thon was launched.

“Roughly two months, eight or nine weeks, we’ve done 2/3 of a year worth of pothole patching. I mean that’s just phenomenal,” Rivera says.