Muddy fields cause delay in youth soccer season

The Westside Soccer Club season is delayed

A soccer player kicks a ball on a muddy field, file. (James Boyes via Flickr Creative Commons)

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — As any Oregonian knows all too well, lots of rain means lots of mud.

All that mud has caused the Westside Soccer Club in Beaverton to delay its spring season because fields are too muddy to play on. The youth soccer league will push practices back to April 10 and games will start on April 15.

Westside Soccer said about 100 games scheduled for this weekend have been rescheduled.

THPRD field closures 

According to the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation regulations, fields are closed if there was at least 1 inch of rain in the past 12 hours, there are visible pools of water or people’s feet sink into the field. They also close fields if there is significant rain on the day of the game or slippery mud from overuse.

The regulations include Beaverton School District and PCC Rock Creek fields used and maintained by THPRD.

THPRD does this to preserve the fields and prevent injuries.

“Sometimes we can’t even get on the fields to maintain them because they are so wet and it will cause too much damage so we just have to wait,” said Bob Wayt with THPRD.

If you’re curious about current conditions throughout the season, call the field conditions hotline: 503.629.6395.