Inside a crisis: ‘Nothing rational about suicide’

Behavioral changes my indicate a person in crisis

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — When people are suicidal, they often don’t want to die. They just feel so hopeless and trapped and see death as an option.

Emily Moser, with the 24-hour crisis call center Lines for Life, said someone in crisis is not thinking normally. Someone might believe they are punishing the other parent by taking the lives of children, while others think they are saving the children from the parent’s situation.

“There’s nothing rational about suicide. It’s about being in crisis.”

Moser said there are warning signs of suicide — a change in behavior, sleeplessness, withdrawal. She said it’s important to ask a loved one the question: Are you suicidal?

Lines for Life — Suicide Prevention

If the person says yes, offer to get them the help they need. At Lines for Life, phone counselors get calls from friends who then put the person in crisis on the phone.

A tragedy in Gresham Wednesday morning took 3 lives, including 2 girls.

This tragedy comes just a few weeks after another father killed his son before turning the gun on himself. So what drives people to that point and what are the warning signs?

Lisa Balick filed this video report.