PPB Chief Marshman cleared of wrongdoing, back on duty

Wheeler said it does not appear Marshman "violated any bureau directives"

Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman, July 5, 2016. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An investigation found Portland Police Bureau Chief Mike Marshman did not violate the bureau’s rules on truthfulness, and he will be returning to his duties immediately, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced Wednesday.

Marshman and Adjutant Lt. Michael Leasure were placed on administrative leave after questions were raised concerning their “integrity and truthfulness.” Reports suggested Marshman had Leasure sign him in on a training log for a session he allegedly didn’t attend.

In her findings, Anna Kanwit, director of city human resources, wrote that there were discrepancies between Leasure and Marshman’s statements regarding whether Marshman instructed Leasure to sign the attendance roster for him.

Leasure initially said Marshman told him he would be late to the training session, and asked to sign in on his behalf. But Marshman said he never asked to be signed in.

There was reportedly no question Marshman didn’t attend the training, but there was concern over whether he was telling the truth about not telling Leasure to sign in.

Throughout the investigation, Marshman maintained that he did not ask Leasure to sign him in for the session. Witness statements reportedly supported his position.

When he was interviewed again, Leasure said Marshman didn’t tell him to sign him in.

“In a subsequent interview, Lt. Leasure said the Chief had not directed him to sign the attendance roster on his behalf,” Kanwit wrote. “The class instructor also stated that although Lt. Leasure asked if he could sign in for the Chief, there was no indication the Chief had directed Lt. Leasure to do so.”

Kanwit wrote that her findings suggested Marshman didn’t violate the bureau’s directive on truthfulness, and recommended he return to full duty immediately.

Leasure remains on leave, KOIN 6 News learned.

Marshman released this statement on Wednesday night:

“I look forward to getting back to work and supporting the members of the organization as they continue to do great work for the community on a daily basis. I will continue to focus on the bigger issues facing the City of Portland and the Police Bureau. I appreciate the support I have received from Bureau members and the community.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler provided KOIN 6 News with the following statement:

“Today, after reviewing initial findings of the Independent Police Review investigation into Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman provided to me by Human Relations Director Anna Kanwit, I made the decision to return Chief Marshman to full duty effective immediately. The findings concluded that Chief Marshman did not violate the Police Bureau’s directive on truthfulness, and does not appear to have violated any bureau directives. Chief Marshman has clearly and consistently stated his view that the same rules apply to every officer, regardless of rank, and I thank him for putting that belief into action during this process. I also want to thank Assistant Chief Chris Davis, bureau command, sworn officers, and professional staff. The IPR process can be disruptive, and all involved remained focused on the important work of the Police Bureau.”