Drivers want Portland to pay for pothole damage

The pothole has been filled in, but drivers say the damage is done

A pothole in the City of Portland, file. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The Portland Bureau of Transportation is facing a major backlog of potholes waiting to be filled, roughly 1000, in fact.

This pothole in North Portland busted multiple tires and dented rims, drivers say. (KOIN)

And there was one particular pothole that kept causing serious damage to cars by the Portland International Airport next to Cascade Station. Drivers with damaged vehicles from that pothole don’t feel like they’re at fault.

Although it’s now filled in, the pothole did cause a lot of dented rims and blown out tires.

Shannon McFadden didn’t see the pothole on Northeast Cascades Parkway until it was too late.

“We could have careened a car had we swerved that way,” McFadden said.

Another driver, Lisa Ros, showed KOIN 6 News the damage to her brand new car that resulted from the pothole.

Drivers say a pothole in North Portland busted a number of tires. (KOIN)

“Right now we’re sitting at just over $1,000 worth of damage, 2 flat tires and dented rims,” Ros said.

“Every tire that went into there just blew,” McFadden said.

This was happening on Sunday, car after car after car hitting the pothole – then busting their tires.

“There was nothing you could do,” Ros said.

And that’s why she wants the City of Portland to pay for the damage.

“It could’ve potentially killed somebody if they lost control of their car,” Ros said.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation said it’s working as fast as it can to fill potholes every day. The bureau has asked everyone to remain patient since it contains a backlog of more than 1,000 potholes.

“It’s still going to take time, especially as this rainy weather continues,” said PBOT Spokesman Dylan Rivera.

Drivers can fill out a form to see if the city will reimburse them for damage.