Anarchists committed to fixing Portland’s potholes

Portland Anarchist Road Care group posts photos of members patching potholes

A member of the Portland Anarchist Road Care group patches a pothole. (Facebook)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you drive around the City of Portland, you know potholes are a problem.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is in the middle of a “Patch-a-Thon” to fast-track repairs, but some roads are so far gone, they can’t be repaired until summer.

Now a group of anarchists — who often block traffic during protests — are taking matters into their own hands. They started a Facebook group called Portland Anarchist Road Care to show the city they’re committed to getting the work done.

Photos on their Facebook page show group members patching potholes themselves. But just like at protests, their faces are covered, keeping them from being identified.

PBOT’s Dylan Rivera acknowledges the huge pothole problem the city has faced this winter, but still says it isn’t safe for citizens to fix them up on their own.

“You shouldn’t try to fix a pothole on a city-maintained street, it’s unsafe for you,” Rivera said. “It could result in a fix that’s unsafe for the public and bring liability to you, personally, if someone were to get hurt.”

Instead, PBOT is urging the city to be patient.

“We’re attacking potholes, we’re more than quadrupling the number of staff we have working on pothole repair,” Rivera said. “It’s been a struggle… with the wet weather. This is one of the worst years we’ve had for potholes, without a doubt.”

PBOT is also looking at ways to prevent potholes in the future.