Women’s tiny home village approved in Kenton

The neighborhood association voted 178 to 75

The pods have been built and are ready to use. They are between 6-by-8 feet and 8-by-12 feet wide and as tall as 10-by-8 feet. (COURTESY: MARK LAKEMAN/VILLAGE COALITION via Portland Tribune)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A proposal to create Portland’s first village of transitional tiny homes for homeless women has been approved by the Kenton Neighborhood Association.

The association voted 178 to 75 on Wednesday, March 8.

Kenton POD village proposal

The temporarily named “Kenton Women’s Village” was dreamed up by several groups to build micro houses for up to 14 women on a plot of land on North Argyle Street.

The proposal also includes common bathrooms and kitchens. They will also have services like permanent housing assistance, mental health treatment referrals and educational programming.