Hudson’s Bay bowling team makes splash at state championships

The Eagles finished second in the 3A state championships

The Hudson’s Bay High School girls varsity bowling team had a season to remember. (KOIN)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — The Hudson’s Bay High School girls varsity bowling team had a season to remember.

The Eagles take a lot of pride in what they accomplished at Narrows Plaza Bowl in University Place.

“Bowling [at Hudson’s Bay High School] started in 2007,” Pam Brisby-Laughlin, Hudson’s Bay head varsity bowling coach, said. “We didn’t know a whole lot about bowling so we learned. These girls are very dedicated. Many of them bowl in summer leagues [and] fall leagues. They bowl year round.”

“We’re kind of the underdog school if you want to say,” Hudson’s Bay junior, Reagan Lorey, said. “We started off the season pretty slow. We lost a couple of matches. And then we started to get into a rhythm where we were like, ‘Okay, we can actually do this.’ We started to pick [things] up in our league matches. When we got to districts we’re like, ‘Okay, our goal is to make it to state.'”

“We repeated as district champions to earn the right to go to state,” said Brisby-Laughlin. “And [we told ourselves that] the only way we’re going to win as a team is if we can all come together. At the same tournament, we placed second which is the highest that we’ve ever placed.”

“The fact that we can go up there [to the state championships] and we competed [with some of the best high school teams in the state] … that’s really awesome,” said Lorey.

“It definitely shows that you can achieve anything that you set your goal to,” said Michayla Garden, who’s a senior at Hudson’s Bay. “You can really work towards something [like a trip to the state championships]. If you want it, you’re going to get it.”

The Hudson’s Bay Eagles were named as the team of the winter season by the Vancouver Public Schools.

“We were all extremely proud to take second, because it’s the first time Hudson’s Bay has taken that trophy home from state in bowling,” said Lorey. “That is extremely awesome. It was really cool and [so great to see] how supportive everyone was.”