Dixson impacts Franklin’s varsity basketball team

Freshman Bria Dixson is one of the top five scorers in Oregon

Franklin HS Freshman Bria Dixson is one of the top five scorers in Oregon. (KOIN)
Franklin HS Freshman Bria Dixson is one of the top five scorers in Oregon. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The Franklin Quakers have found their point guard of the future in Bria Dixson.

The freshman has already made a huge impact this season.

“She’s had some big games on the scoring end,” said Joshua Green, Franklin girls varsity head basketball coach. “She had a 36 point game [and] a couple of 33 point games but overall she’s averaging just over 23 points per game. She’s a great all-around player. She’s averaging 4 assists [and] 7.5 rebounds [per game]. Often times, you know, she’s a great outside shooter so we see her getting five to six three-point shots a game.”

Our Athlete of The Week said there is one obstacle she’s had to overcome this season.

“I learned a lot of the mental aspects of basketball this year,” said Dixson. “You have to stay very composed and that’s one thing that’s been a little tough this year for me, especially as a freshman. But seeing the other girls on varsity, especially the upperclassmen, they really stay composed and don’t let any calls – or even if you’re losing – get to them.

“I think that’s really what I’ve learned this year: to grow mentally and physically but mostly mentally.”

“I think it’s also important to note that not only is she a great basketball player [but] she’s a 4.0 student,” said Green. “I know she actually took time and helped tutor some of her teammates coming into finals. So [she’s] just all-around [a] great kid.”

Dixson dreams about playing college basketball one day.

“My hope is to play Division 1 basketball,” said Dixson. “I’m really looking forward to when that day comes.”

During the interview, we found out that Dixson is quite the dancer on the basketball team.

“Her dancing is pretty good,” Emma Foster, a junior on the basketball team, said with a smile. “She has this ritual [before] every game [where] she’s got to get her hair all perfect, and then she’s got to have her black headband on, which is typical Bria.”

“I’m a pretty goofy person so sometimes I just like to let loose [and have fun],” said Dixson.