Several long term closures in Multnomah County due to weather

Here are three spots to avoid in Multnomah County until further notice. SE Pipeline Rd in rural east county is closed between Altman and 302nd. High water did damage to the road creating a large sinkhole. The sinkhole eroded the shoulder and part of the traffic lane. Crews say this will require a major repair before it can be reopened. In the meantime, use an alternate route such as Oxbow Dr.

NW Newberry Rd will remain closed for awhile. The road is closed between US 30 and Skyline Blvd. A large landslide shut the road down and will take some time to clean up. Crews will need to schedule an engineered repair project for that area later this year. Use Cornelius Pass Rd as an alternate route.

SE Lusted Rd is closed between Altman and Hosner Rd due to sinkhole that has created a large void under the road. Crews will need to plan a major repair for this section of road before it can reopen. Use alternate routes such as Dodge Park Blvd or Oxbow Dr.