Abbie Huft wrestles against the boys

The Mountain View junior proves she can hang with the varsity boys

For Mountain View High School’s Abbie Huft, wrestling is a way of life. (KOIN)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — For Mountain View High School’s Abbie Huft, wrestling is a way of life.

“I love wrestling. I taught [wrestling in] middle school,” said Huft. “I absolutely love it. I’m so glad I’m one of the role models. I’m so glad I’m the team captain.”

“The way that she wrestles on the mat you can just tell she’s been around it her whole life,” said Eric Dodge, Mountain View’s head wrestling coach.

“I wrestle girls varsity [at] 100 [pounds] and guys varsity [at a weight class of] 106,” said Huft. “We have dual [meets] and in the duals I wrestle guys. Whenever we have tournaments every Saturday, I wrestle girls.”

“She had it in her head in the beginning of the season that she wasn’t gonna be able to make varsity, because the guys were a little bit bigger than her,” Mixtly Simon, a Mountain View wrestling assistant coach, said. “But her technique is really good. She’s been wrestling for a long time.”

Our Athlete of The Week said she’s inspired by her brother, Brandon Huft, who was ranked No. 2 in the state of Washington his senior year at Mountain View.

“He’s been my best friend and he’s always been there for me. People expect me to be like him. They’re like, ‘Oh, man, you’ve gotta be like your brother.’

“But I just want to be Abbie. I just want to be myself. I would love to get to that spot where he was at but I think I should write my own story. People expect a lot from me, and lately I’ve been giving it to them.”

Abbie recently challenged one of the freshman boys to a match and here’s what happened:

“In the first round, I took him down and instantly broke him down,” said Abbie with a smile. “And then with 20 seconds left, I started putting him on his back. He would clamp down so I’d have to run to the other side. I kept going back and forth back and forth. I made him really tired. I mentally broke him and I got him on his back. That was the pin.

“Where’s the video? Unfortunately, we don’t have the video because it was a challenge match. I wish I had the video but [oh well].”

The three-year letter winner in wrestling had a big setback her first year at Mountain View.

“I suffered a [right] knee injury my freshman year, and unfortunately I had to take the rest of the season off, which was pretty horrible. I came back strong my sophomore year. I made it to regionals [and] almost made it to state.”

“There hasn’t been a state champion here for the boys team or the girls team,” said Dodge.

“Honestly it would mean the world [to win a state title this year]. I’m not really worried about getting first [place] in state right now, because I’m a junior,” said Abbie. [When I get to my] senior year … that’s definitely where I’ll aim.”

“She’s great on her feet,” said Dodge. “I think probably by the end of the year she’s going to be our take down leader.”

“I want to go to college and wrestle in college,” said Abbie. “I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today without my amazing coaches.”