11 men arrested in sex trafficking sting

The mission took place from December 5 to 10

A person working on a laptop computer. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Eleven men were arrested as the result of an undercover sex trafficking mission by the Portland Police Bureau.

The mission took place during the week of December 5-10.

Ads were posted on known sex trafficking websites and when men contacted the undercover officers to pay for sex, they were arrested.

The 11 men arrested are: 

Stephen Townsend, 30, of Greenville, SC
Forrest Lytle, 59, of Sandy, OR
Akhom Chinnarath, 54, of Happy Valley, OR
Mahdi Seifan, 35, of West Linn, OR
Javier Rangel, 53, of Hillsboro, OR
Jesse M. Hutton, 39, of Portland, OR
Aranda Gilberto Camacho, 35, of Hillsboro, OR
Jasmin Kaltak, 47 of Portland, OR
Guy Michael Bar-ner, 49, of Phoenix, AZ
47 year old Justice Owusu-Hienno, 47, of Portland, OR
Curt Matsko, 51, of Portland, OR

If you know or think that someone may be involved in trafficking or is being exploited, please contact the Portland Police Bureau’s Sex Trafficking Unit at 503-255-0118, the Sexual Assault Resource Center hotline 1-800-640-5311;