Jazz club Jimmy Mak’s to close on New Year’s Eve

Owner Jimmy Makarounis cited his ongoing health issues

Jimmy Mak's jazz club, 221 NW 10th, as seen on their website, Feb. 3, 2016
Jimmy Mak's jazz club, 221 NW 10th, as seen on their website, Feb. 3, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Jimmy Mak’s is a world-renowned jazz club in downtown Portland, but its fans are singing the blues.

Owner Jimmy Makarounis announced Monday the club will close after its shows on New Year’s Eve.

Makarounis cited his ongoing battle with larynx cancer as the main reason for this decision. Earlier in 2016, he announced plans to move the club around the corner because their current location was sold to a developer.

But as his health became more of an issue, doctors insisted he step away to concentrate on his health. He’s been looking for another owner to step up, but those efforts have — as of now — not been fruitful.

On his Facebook page, he wrote:

At present, there is still an opportunity for another owner/operator to step in to fund and finish the buildout of the new location and carry on the Jimmy Mak’s brand. We welcome any offers to do so.
Jimmy Mak’s has been a family home to world-class musicians of many different genres, particularly the city’s best jazz players. The club also presents many of the world’s top jazz and blues players and has become a significant West Coast stop on many of these artists’ tours. It is Portland’s longest-running jazz club and one of the oldest single-owner nightclubs of any genre in town.

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