Driver hits power pole, lines fall onto cyclist

Disctrict's bus barn blocked by crash debris

Mark Wayne Hunter crashed into a power line and blocked the Tigard-Tualatin school bus barn, November 23 2016. (KOIN/WCSO)

TIGARD, Ore. (KOIN) — A 34-year-old bicyclist was seriously injured after a driver crashed into a power pole, causing the lines to fall on her as she rode by.

The woman was rushed to the hospital after being burned by the live wires. Her condition has not been released at this time.

A Tigard police officer was in the department parking lot near the scene setting up his vehicle when the crash happened.

“When he heard the impact, (the officer) ran over and then ultimately heard the screams of the woman,” said Tigard Police Department spokesperson Jim Wolf. “He did what he thought would be the best and just get her out of the situation.”

Tigard police did not have an update on the woman’s condition but said an officer at the scene noted she had severe burns, was conscious and in a great deal of pain.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue say a car driven by 50-year-old Mark Wayne Hunter hit a power pole on Hall Boulevard between Burnham and O’Mara Streets around 2 a.m.

Schools in the Tigard-Tualatin District were delayed 2 hours on Wednesday after a car hit a power pole and crash debris blocked the district’s bus barn.

Hunter was charged with DUII, reckless driving, criminal mischief and assault. He is currently being held in the Washington County Jail. Tigard Police say he did stay at the scene and cooperate after the crash.

Portland General Electric is in the process of repairing downed power lines that resulted from the crash. They’ve rerouted power to most customers who were affected by an initial outage, but people in the immediate vicinity will still be without power for several hours.

“It’s going to take several hours for our crews to set a new pole, get the equipment up there, get things cleaned up from the accident, and also there’s oil from a transformer that we have to clean up as well,” said PGE spokesperson Steve Corson.