Portlanders enjoy 29th annual Macy’s Parade

Dozens of floats, characters and marching bands participated

Floats for the 2016 Portland Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — One of Portland’s holiday traditions, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, wound its way through the streets this morning and past the downtown Macy’s store.

This parade, while nowhere near as large as Portland’s Rose Festival Parade, has still been a family favorite for 29 years.

“This is just something that goes with our holidays,” spectator Christan Rask told KOIN. “Our children just light up when they’re here.” Her son Charlie agrees. “I’m gonna come down here with my kids a lot when I grow up”, he said.

This year’s parade featured more clowns than before, 83 in total, and a new snowman float. The floats, balloons and costumes are joined by marching bands from high schools around the area.

Earlier this year, Macy’s announced their downtown Portland store would close, leaving the future of the beloved celebration in question. “I’d be devastated; I look forward to this”, the older Rask said.

Macy’s officials say they’re focusing on making this year’s parade magical and, “we don’t have any additional information to share beyond this year’s celebrations.”

It’s safe to say the parade will be missed if this turns out to be its last year.

“I was telling my family that I hope it’s not the last year we get to do this because it’s such a fun tradition,” Mary Young said.