Happy Hips dancers see confidence grow

Group empowers young women with disabilities

The Happy Hips dancers practice their moves. (KOIN)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — The Happy Hips Adapted Movement and Dance group don’t let disabilities slow them down.

Founder Niira Krupnick has always been a dancer and worked in special education. She decided to combine the two over a year ago to create the project that empowers young women with disabilities to build self confidence.

“I’ve seen confidence grow like crazy. They get a lot of standing ovations and are very popular at the shows we’ve been to,” Krupnick says.

The Happy Hips dancers just starred in their first music video. Musician Aaron English enlisted the group to star in his video for the song ‘Part-Time Superstar.’

The final product is a source of pride for the dancers.

“I felt really excited and I wanted to show everybody,” says Jessie Stroisch, one of the dancers.

Krupnick hopes that when people see the video, or the girls perform live, they’ll see past the disabilities and instead see the superstars they are.

“I think one day we’ll go out there and it won’t be a surprise anymore. It will just be a commonplace thing that people with all abilities are accomplishing amazing things,” Krupnick says.