After election, Bud Pierce looks toward minority voters

The Salem oncologist said he's politically interested in the Oregon League of Minority Voters

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce, November 8, 2016 (KOIN)
GOP gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce, November 8, 2016 (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With Gov. Kate Brown guaranteed another two years in office, her Republican opponent Bud Pierce said he’s looking to help minority voters.

The Salem oncologist said he’s politically interested in the Oregon League of Minority Voters. The group aims to help Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans and more step up into leadership roles.

“I’m excited about being the Republican influence on that because I’m probably going to be the only Republican involved,” Pierce said.

The former Republican gubernatorial candidate said he’d do everything he could in order to get minorities involved in leadership and the political process.

Pierce said that is what he views as the “ideal version of the Republican party.” He said the ideal Republican party is centrist and includes people like former Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., and former Oregon Gov. Tom McCall.

“It’s inclusive and welcoming and looking to let people in. That’s my drive in politics going forward,” he said.

Although Pierce lost his bid to become governor of the Beaver State, he hasn’t ruled out running again in the future. He said he ran for office because the Oregon Republican Party needed him to run.

“My decision in the future will be based on where I’m most useful. Service drives me,” he said.

Pierce secured 834,312 votes in the election compared to Brown’s 971,728 (43% to 50%).

Before the election results came in, Pierce told KOIN 6 News regardless of whether he won, he would spend the following day in his medical office seeing patients.

“I’ve been out for 9 weeks in a row, the longest in my medical career,” the former Republican challenger said.

Oregon’s next gubernatorial election will be held in 2018.