OSU student with meningitis an ‘isolated case’

Preventative treatments have been given to 130 people

Valley Library on the campus of Oregon State University, as seen on their website Jan. 29, 2015
Valley Library on the campus of Oregon State University, as seen on their website Jan. 29, 2015

CORVALIS, Ore. (KOIN) — An Oregon State University student has been hospitalized with meningitis, and officials have called it an “isolated case.”

Now the university and county health department are working to find out just how many students are at risk.

University officials have contacted more than 100 people who had close contact with that student and could be at risk.

“Well, so far [it has been] an isolated incident. We have one case of a student who has been hospitalized. What we do in these cases though is try to find everyone who was in close contact with that person and try to get them treated if necessary to prevent further spread,” said Charlie Fautin, deputy director of the Benton County Health Department.

The health department and university administrators are offering a vaccine to about 130 students who have been in close contact with the hospitalized student.

“So what we’re looking for is housemates and roommates, people who shared eating and drinking utensils or for people who’ve had this kind of contact for four or more hours for probably about a week,” said Fautin.

The symptoms would be telling, vomiting, stiff neck and stomach pain.

“If people have not been contacted by us or university authorities, they’re pretty much in the clear,” said Fautin.

While OSU won’t identify the infected student, it did confirm that Oregon State University football player Seth Collins is currently being treated at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center for an illness. He is in fair condition.

Right now health officials are testing to see just what type of strain this is, but the university said it could be one that is not covered by the vaccine most OSU students are required to get.