Texas teen busted with 468 pounds of marijuana

The marijuana was hidden in an auxiliary fuel tank

K9 Lobos and Sgt. Randy Thumann with 468 pounds of seized marijuana. Nov. 4, 2016, (Fayette County Sheriff's Office)

FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A Texas teen was busted with 468 pounds of marijuana on Friday morning, police say.

It has been a busy year for Fayette County’s most famous K-9 unit. Lobos has tracked down a missing elderly man with dementia, uncovered $50,000 in laundered money hidden in an elaborate compartment and sniffed out $6 million worth of cocaine in a traffic stop.

At 11:48 a.m., Lobos and his partner Sgt. Randy Thumann added to their long record of trafficking busts. The duo pulled over 19-year-old Gilberto Torres, Jr., of Lubbock, on Interstate 10 at the eastbound 658 mile marker. He began to act extremely nervous during the traffic stop.

In a roadside interview, Thumann was able to disprove the driver’s travel plans. Lobos, in an exterior sweep of the vehicle, alerted his partner to the auxiliary fuel tank in the bed of the pickup truck.

The sergeant then removed the fuel tank from the bed of the truck and found a trap door on the bottom, where around 468 pounds of marijuana was stored.

Torres was arrested and taken to the Dan R. Beck Justice Center in La Grange.