New murder suspect identified in 2015 homicide

Gerrardo Granados-Marin, 33, died October 5, 2015 in N. Portland

Sioeli Mohulamu shown in a jail booking photo.
Sioeli Mohulamu shown in a jail booking photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A 21-year-old man will appear in court Thursday to be arraigned on a secret grand jury indictment that charges him with murder.

Police told KOIN 6 News that Sioeli Mohulamu is now believed to be the person who killed Gerrardo Granados-Marin.

Martin died Monday October 5, 2015 in the 5500 block of North Columbia. The 33-year-old was found suffering from traumatic injuries.

In Nov. 2015, police arrested a man by the name of Leo Burns and charged him with Granados-Marin’s murder.

As we first reported in September, the murder charge against Burns was dismissed after detectives learned he wasn’t responsible for Granados-Marin’s death.

The case against Mohulamu was taken before a grand jury. On Wednesday, the grand jury handed up a five count indictment against him.

Here’s the breakdown of the indictment:

  • Count 1: Murder
  • Count 2: Attempted aggravated murder
  • Count 3: Attempted murder
  • Count 4: Attempted first-degree assault
  • Count 5: Second-degree assault.

Count 1 is for the death of Granados-Marin. Counts 2-5 are for the attempted murder and assault of a 36-year-old man. That incident happened on July 22.

According to court documents, Mohulamu tried to kill the 36-year-old man in an effort to “conceal the identity of [the] perpetrator of the crime of murder.”

KOIN 6 News is not identifying the 36-year-old man because he appears to have knowledge of Granados-Marin’s death, and will be called as a witness, should the case go to trial.

KOIN 6 News also learned prosecutors obtained a material witness warrant, which held the man in custody, as the case against Mohulamu was investigated. He has since been released.

According to court documents, Mohulamu has been convicted of robbery and felony possession of meth.