Lost mushroom picker found safe after 3 days

Mercer was lost for several nights near Green Peter Reservoir

Oliver Mercer was found safe after being lost for several days in Linn County.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A mushroom picker who went missing on October 31 near the Green Peter Reservoir has been found safe.

Oliver Mercer got turned around while picking mushrooms all day Monday. According to Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley, Mercer traveled more than 2 miles south from the reservoir and then another 5 miles along the water trying to get back to Rocky Top Bridge.

He made a shelter overnight from fur boughs but wasn’t able to make a fire.

Around 10 a.m. Thursday, November 3 he was finally able to flag down someone in a fishing boat and made his way back to safety.

Hundreds of volunteers and members of search and rescue organizations looked for Mercer over the days he was missing. The Linn County Sheriff’s office took the opportunity to remind people to always be prepared when they go into the forest.

“This is also a good time to remind citizens who recreate in the forest to always be prepared to spend the night. This includes having the listed items: map of the area, compass or GPS, extra dry clothes (no cotton), flashlight, first-aid kit, fire starter or matches, knife, extra food and water. Also a Spot Locator or similar device is ideal and can help searchers locate you in time of need.”