Here’s what to expect from November weather

November in Portland is typically the wettest month of the entire year

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — November in Portland is typically the wettest month of the entire year.

The average rainfall for the month typically reaches 5.63 inches, which is more than both December (5.49”) and January (4.88”) average totals.

The wettest November the Portland airport ever saw was in 2006 when a record 11.92 inches fell. The driest November ever reported was in 1976 with a total of 0.77 inches.

We may see a lot of rain in November, but we are scarce on snowfall for the metro area. The average month of November contains zero snow days. The most snow days in November ever recorded was 5 and that was in 1985. November did have the earliest snowfall in Portland but that was back on November 3, 1973.


The temperatures for the month typically hang in the low 50s. The temperatures start in the upper 50s for the beginning of the month, 57 degrees on November 1, but drop by almost 10 degrees by the end of the month to about 48 degrees.pdx-average-highs

As we start the second to last month of 2016, Portland has recorded 25.06 inches of rain, which is above the normal amount by 6.85 inches.

With November expecting to bring even more rain, it will be a month to watch very closely and as the rain continues to fall.