Trick or Treat: Halloween showers possible

There hasn't been a dry Halloween since 2007!

AP Photo

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — When it comes to outdoor events, there are few as big as trick-or-treating.

Here in Portland, planning around the weather can be challenging. Long term average shows rain on Halloween 53% of the time in Portland. In fact, the last time Portland had a completely dry Halloween was 2007.


Last year, Halloween rain shut down MAX lines, flooded streets and prompted sewage overflow into the Willamette River. Portland picked up 1.97″.  Although it was very wet, the wettest Halloween on record happened in 1994 when PDX saw 2.44″ of rain.

As for temperatures, the average high is 58 and the average low is 42.


So what can you expect this year? One thing’s for sure: it won’t be nearly as wet as last year. After a wet and breezy start to the day, the wind dies down mid-morning. Showers are with us on and off throughout the day. While we’ll catch dry periods today, our models are indicating showers possible between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.. Have your umbrellas handy tonight.

Here’s one of the models at 6 p.m.: