‘Skinned’ Clark County dog killed by another animal

The Salmon Creek dog's skin was removed after death, however

A small dog was found dead and skinned in Clark County on October 9. (Facebook)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Clark County Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday that a dog found dead in Salmon Creek was killed by another animal.

The Lhasa Apso was found skinned on October 9. Authorities at the time said it is possible the dog was killed by a person and investigated animal cruelty in the case.

“I’m at a loss right now to explain why we did not respond to this incident on Sunday when it was reported,” Under sheriff Mike Cooke said in a press release after the dog was found. “I met with the family today after finding out this occurred and I feel absolutely terrible about what happened. A deputy sheriff is now conducting a full criminal investigation and we are also in the process of determining why there was no initial response.”

However, necropsy reports show multiple puncture wounds consistent with bite marks on the dog. Witnesses also reported seeing two coyotes in the area.

The dog’s skin was removed after death, and that remains unexplained.