Couple fights for Army to pay heart attack medical bills

Heart attack didn't happen "in the line of duty"

Capt. Shane Morgan. (Courtesy)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A woman, originally from Oregon but now living in New Hampshire with her husband, is fighting the U.S Army to have them pay his medical bills.

Capt. Shane Morgan. (Courtesy)
Capt. Shane Morgan. (Courtesy)

Capt. Shane Morgan was completing an Army required PT Test when he had a massive heart attack.

He returned from Afghanistan in 2013 and was transitioning to reserve duty.

His wife Jaime says the Army ruled the attack didn’t happen “in the line of duty” and therefore they are not responsible for the bills.

KOIN 6 News brought the story to the attention of Senator Ron Wyden, who said he will look into the matter.

The army has reopened the investigation into the medical case as well.