It’s true: Oregon, Idaho have big onions

Idaho, eastern Oregon grow about 25% of the Spanish bulb onions

Onions (Public Domain Photos, Richard Revel)
Onions (Public Domain Photos, Richard Revel)

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Producers in the Idaho-Eastern Oregon area saw onion yields that are larger in both quantity and size this year.

The Capital Press reports that despite the bigger yields in 2016, prices dropped, meaning producers saw about break-even earnings. The Idaho-Eastern Oregon growing region has about 300 growers who produce roughly 25% of the United States’ Spanish bulb onions.

Snake River Produce Manager Kay Riley says the larger-than-normal crop led to depressed prices, a situation made worse by a strong U.S. dollar and weak export market. Bulb onion prices are about 50% of what they were this time last year and nearing the break-even price for farmers.