Project Runway stars lead Portland Fashion week

Portland is home to more Project Runway competitors than any other city

Portland's official fashion week is FashionNXT happening October 5-8. (FashionNXT)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Paris, Milan and New York aren’t the only cities with world-class fashion scenes — Portland is in on the trends too.

Portland’s fashion week, FashionNXT runs October 5-8 and brings designers and fashion writers from around the country together.

Portland has a strong fashion community with designers Seth Aaron Henderson and Michelle Lesniak, who both won seasons of Project Runway.

Wednesday’s opening night debuts the collection of another Project Runway contestant, Sarah Donofrio.

“I find living in a place like Portland, where everybody is such an individual, that always keeps my brain sort of going,” Donofrio said. “And it definitely makes me inspired to make things for the women that live in this city, because everyone is so unique and does have a freedom of expression.”

Tito Chowdhury with FashionNXT is proud of the attention the event gets.

“We are in Time Magazine as the number one show outside New York Fashion Week in the US, and we have been showing designers from all over the world, as well as the best designers from Portland,” Chowdhury said.