New scam targets residents that work at home

The texter's number displayed a California area code, but they refused to talk

Nanette received this fake check via Fed Ex and was told to deposit it. October 4, 2016, (KOIN)

WASHOUGAL, Wash. (KOIN) — A job working from home sounds appealing, but it turns out many of those “too good to be true” jobs are just that.

A local woman wants to warn others of one of the latest scams.

Nanette (who only wanted her first name used) was looking for work when she got a text about a data entry position from someone who claimed they were with a company called United Medical Services of Kuwait.

The texter’s number displayed a California area code, but they refused to talk – only wanting to text during an interview.

Nanette said $30 an hour for doing data entry work sounded very appealing when the company contacted her online.

She refused to provide the company her social security number and banking information when asked but gave out other information. The scammers texted her and said she had the job. They also said she’d get a check delivered by Fed Ex.

When Nanette got the check, it looked phony. She could see right through it.

Fortunately, she did not deposit it into the ATM as instructed. She also decided not to take $3800 dollars out of her account as instructed.

Nanette was supposed to wire it to someone who supposedly would send her a computer and software for her new job.

Instead, she called the bank whose name was on the check and learned it was a fake. The account number on the check didn’t match any the bank had.

Nanette then texted the scammer one last time.

“You are a scam. There are not funds there. This will terminate our conversation, and I said goodbye,” Nanette said.