Wednesday’s Child: Keontae and Keametrous

The adoption became official in October 2015

Keontae and Kametrous were both featured on Wednesday's Child and have now found their forever home.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Keontae, 11, and Keametrous, 12, previously featured on Wednesday’s Child, have now found their forever home.

The two were adopted by Matt and Joy after their son passed away in 2014.

They originally intended for Keontae and Keametrous to be brothers to their son Ryan, who had cerebral palsy. They even started the adoption process before Ryan died.

After mourning the loss of their son, Matt and Joy decided to move forward with the adoption process, and it became official in October 2015.

The boys love sports, so Matt installed a basketball hoop in the family’s driveway. They also play football.