Local ceremonies held to commemorate 9/11 victims

Fifteen years have passed since 9/11

People hang American flags over an overpass to commemorate the lives lost on September 11. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — All over Portland, Vancouver and Tualitin, commemorations for the nearly 3,000 victims of 9/11 were held on Sunday.

Fifteen years may have passed, but America will never forget.

The black smoke billowing from the twin towers has been forever seared into the memories of many Americans.

Doves were released at the 9/11 ceremony in Vancouver. September 11, 2016 (KOIN)
Doves were released at the 9/11 ceremony in Vancouver. September 11, 2016 (KOIN)

Years later, Americans continue to honor all those men and women who lost their lives, including all the first responders who died rushing inside so that others could come out.

In downtown Vancouver, a ceremony was held in front of city hall. Vancouver police, firefighters and the mayor pro tem all paid their respects.

Jadia Ward released 50 doves, one for every state symbolizing the USA.

“It rips your heart apart. It leaves you speechless every time,” Ward said.

John Hopkins lost two cousins in the 9/11 attacks. He says today means a lot of pain.

Lt. Neal Martin with Portland Fire & Rescue attended a 9/11 ceremony in Portland. He was in New York on September 11, 2001, and helped in the aftermath.

He said that on 9/11 he thinks of his friend, another firefighter named Billy Quick. According to Martin, Quick died six years ago due to complications of working in 9/11 relief efforts.

As drivers pass by different memorials in the Portland area, they’re all a reminder to never forget.

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