Mt. Tabor neighbors fight plans for cell tower

T-Mobile cellphone tower proposed for SE 71st Avenue and Yamhill Street

Many Mount Tabor residents are fighting against plans for a T-Mobile cellphone tower. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Plans to put in a new cellphone tower in a Mount Tabor neighborhood are moving forward, despite pushback from residents.

Neighbors at SE 71st Avenue and Yamhill Street tell KOIN 6 News they feel powerless.

Many residents said they think the T-Mobile cell tower would be an eyesore. They’re also worried about the health impacts radiation may have on their children.

“We have lead in the water, we have a southeast glass company that’s polluting the area and we got these towers,” concerned neighbor Shelley Lufkin said.

Lufkin said she and her daughter are both cancer survivors. Now she’s worried radiation from the cellphone tower could be deadly.

The tower is set to be placed right in front of Dennis Morrow’s home, another resident who also has a number of concerns.

“It’s going to be an eyesore… It has health impacts… We have 17 children on this block,” Morrow said. “The entire neighborhood has signed petitions against this.”

Experts say there is no scientific evidence to prove cellphones and wireless equipment causes health problems. But neighbors say just because the evidence isn’t there, doesn’t mean there aren’t serious health effects from long-term exposure.

“They shouldn’t be where kids and families are living,” Lufkin said.

Neighbors are planning a large protest against the T-Mobile cellphone tower.

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