PPS to school bus drivers: Don’t play rap music

PPS says "they regret the way this was communicated"

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland Public Schools is under fire on Thursday for a memo sent to bus drivers in March instructing them on which radio stations were appropriate to play on school buses.

The memo states: “the stations that are deemed inappropriate include any religious, rap music or talk show programs.”

School officials now say they are reconsidering.

“We regret the way this was communicated. Our intent was to limit student exposure to religious teachings, profanity and violent lyrics. The transportation department will be revising its guidance to bus drivers shortly to be more inclusive of different genres of music,” Courtney Westling with PPS said.

You can read the memo sent to drivers attached below. Join the conversation about the story on the KOIN 6 Facebook page. 

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