Portland area events prepare for extreme heat

Organizers are planning to keep participants cool in triple digit temperatures

Organizers of the Groovy Run in Portland are ready for high temperatures. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland area has one scorcher in the books and more extreme heat on the way for the weekend, but that won’t stop people from getting outside for big events.

A window a Popina Swimwear broke due to excessive heat. (KOIN
A window a Popina Swimwear broke due to excessive heat. (KOIN

The heat is not only shattering records, but apparently windows too. A pane of glass at Popina Swimwear in the Hollywood District literally cracked under the pressure of the nearly 100 degree temperatures.

“I could’ve sworn it must’ve been someone backing into our window,” said Amelia Wirthlan at Popina. “I never thought in a million years something like this could happen.”

Record highs hit Portland

Event organizers will be working hard to keep people cool and safe at several events happening in the metro area.

At the Clackamas County Fair, organizers will help folks cool off with cooling stations and misting tents.

“We’ve got cooling stations set up. There are a couple of cooling stations with room for about 50 people to be able to sit down there. We’ve also got some misting tents,” Todd Gary with the Canby Fire District said.

Triple digit temperatures won't stop people from enjoying the Clackamas County Fair. (KOIN)
Triple digit temperatures won’t stop people from enjoying the Clackamas County Fair. (KOIN)

Kevin Robinson says he doesn’t recall the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby happening on such a hot day in the 6 years he’s been participating.

Portland heat stats

“We’re doing everything we can to prepare for it,” Robinson said. “I’ve been drinking water all day and if you’re coming to the race, I suggest you do so too.”

The Groovy Run might be the event best suited for keeping cool. Participants are meant to get wet at the 5 and 10K run along the waterfront.

“We have a lot of soakers,” Michelle Huss said. “The whole deal is you have either get partially wet, all the way wet or a little wet.”

There will be plenty of water to drink too, and EMTs on hand just in case.

Find a cooling center

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