How hot is it in PDX? Well, stats don’t lie

Hottest-ever August day in Portland was 107 in 1981

Weather records for August 18, 2016
Weather records for August 18, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The heat is on again in Portland and it is expected to continue breaking records into the weekend. The heat is unseasonably warm as temperatures during this time of year are usually in the low 80s. There are currently Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories in effect from Portland to the coast through Saturday.

How do these temperatures compare to heat in the past?

Well, for some perspective, the last time Astoria saw 90 degrees was back in August 2012, and some beaches in that area Friday are expected to reach the mid-90s!

Looking at the Portland Airport records dating back to October 1940, the warmest day in August was recorded in 1981 — 107 degrees. As for around the state, the warmest spot Thursday was Medford at 108 degrees!

Here is a look at some heat statistics from Thursday and looking ahead to Friday.

Numerous records have fallen already and we can expect even more record heat the next few days.
The warmest day this month in Portland was in fact Thursday topping out at 99 degrees.

Since the beginning of August, we have had four days of 90+ degree maximum temperatures. According to the latest data from 1940 to 2015, we typically only see 4 or more days of 90 degree heat.

As we continue into the week, we will beat this by several margins!

For the last few months, July only had two reported 90+ max days, which typically sees 4. June , which on average only has one day above 90F, had 3.

Comparing August 2016 to August 2015, the warmest day recorded last year in the entire month was 98F.

As of Thursday we have already beaten that temperature and we will continue to climb even into next week!

Stayed tuned for the next heat wave and impressive heat records right here with the KOIN Weather Team.

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