Portland Police arrest 28 men in online sex sting

Undercover officers posted ads online

Handcuffs, file. (Wiki Commons)
Handcuffs, file. (Wiki Commons)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Twenty eight men were arrested between August 7-12 by Portland Police after responding to online ads selling sex.

Police say the men contacted undercover police officers to pay for sex. Police aren’t releasing the names of the websites, apps or ads they used to track the men.

The men came to hotels and were met by undercover officers  They were all arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute.

Here are the names of the men:

* 42-year-old Travis William Saban of Vancouver, Washington
* 42-year-old Raul Santiago-Leon of Woodburn, Oregon
* 53-year-old Bernie R. Nickels of Vancouver, Washington
* 47-year-old Issac Bravo Zapata of Portland, Oregon
* 48-year-old David Vences-Salgado of Salem, Oregon
* 50-year-old Christopher Huston of Vancouver, Washington
* 40-year-old Paul James Taylor of Cottage Grove, Oregon
* 52-year-old Paul Ilg of Mt. Angel Oregon
* 38-year-old Oscar Santiago Dabila of San Bernadino, California
* 28-year-old Stephen Jesus Espinoza of Hillsboro, Oregon
* 23-year-old Ian Blair Bristow of Bend, Oregon
* 36-year-old Corey A. Bayha of Wood Village, Oregon
* 37-year-old William Robert Bright of Tigard, Oregon
* 24-year-old Rodolfo Reyes Galindo of Portland, Oregon
* 23-year-old Kellen Hashimoto of Portland, Oregon
* 50-year-old Scott Alan Nicholas of Canton, Michigan
* 43-year-old Jason Samuel Blazer of Eugene, Oregon
* 62-year-old Anthony Neal Aldridge of Washougal, Washington
* 50-year-old Juvenal Felipe Zafra-Miranda of Portland, Oregon
* 25-year-old Luis Alberto Flores of Portland, Oregon
* 28-year-old Chad Alexander Livran of Vancouver, Washington
* 65-year-old Fredrick King of Portland, Oregon
* 50-year-old Arnon Dror of Westport, Connecticut
* 27-year-old Adrian Dean Hunt of Vancouver, Washington
* 29-year-old Paul G. Randhawa of Calgary, Alberta Canda
* 28-year-old Christian Negron-Melendez of Bridgeport, Connecticut
* 51-year-old Ivan A Flores of Stamford, Connecticut

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