Invasive ‘crazy snake worm’ found in Oregon

The species was found for first time in Clackamas and Josephine counties

A picture of the crazy snake worms from a Youtube video. (Youtube/DiziWEBTV HD)

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN/AP) — A new invasive species known as the “crazy snake worm” has been found in Oregon.

The Capital Press reports that the Oregon Department of Agriculture has confirmed the worm has been found in Clackamas and Josephine counties in 2016.

The worm, Amynthas agresitis, is otherwise known as the “Asian jumping worm” because it is distinctively energetic.

Agriculture officials say the worm may have an adverse effect on Oregon forests, as it consumes detritus on the forest floor, removing the protective layer that plant seeds need to sprout.

The worm reproduces asexually, meaning it doesn’t take many to establish a population.

“It’s important that we don’t disseminate them anymore, don’t spread them around anymore than they already are,” entomologist Jim Labonte told KOIN 6 News.


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