Black Lives Matter protesters block traffic

About 50-75 people walked downtown, blocking intersections along Broadway

Protesters blocking traffic downtown. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Black Lives Matter protesters blocked traffic in downtown Portland for several hours on Saturday, August 13.

Black Lives Matter protest organizer Mykia Hernandez. (KOIN)
Black Lives Matter protest organizer Mykia Hernandez. (KOIN)

The group of about 50-75 people walked down Broadway, stopping for about a minute at every intersection. They circled back to Pioneer Courthouse Square and sat down in the middle of the street.

One man walked through the crowd yelling “all lives matter,” inciting a verbal argument, but it calmed down.

“We are here and fighting for justice everyday just like we are being killed every single day,” said protest organizer Mykia Hernandez. “Like blue lives matter, you go home and you are not a police officer anymore. We are black every single day. So we will fight all day, every day, regardless about how people feel about it.”

Protesters said they were going to remain until police removed them, but around 4 p.m. many started leaving. Police were nearby, but as the group started breaking up, they left as well.

TriMet reported delays for the blue and red line MAX trains and several bus lines due to the activity.

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