Neighbors jump into action to save woman from fire

The woman's lawn caught fire during the night Thursday

Debbie Lein's lawn caught fire overnight on August 11, 2016. (Courtesy of Tim Sullivan)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — A Vancouver woman’s front lawn was engulfed in flames after a firework was lit in the street nearby.

Debbie Lein’s neighbors rushed into action, banding together and saving her life with no time to spare.

“I start screaming, ‘get out of the house get out of the house,'” said neighbor Perry Ritter. “When we got down here the fire was huge.”

Ritter tried desperately to put out the flames and a couple teenagers ran for a hose, while another neighbor, Tim Sullivan busted down the door to get Lein out.

“Finally got it shattered and at that point Debbie came around the corner asking ‘what the heck is going on?’ and I started screaming ‘get out of the house’ and I grabbed her,” Sullivan said.

Vancouver fire marshal Heidi Scarpelli confirmed a firework sparked the fire, but witnesses say it sounded more like a bomb.

“Heard the explosion, I mean it was loud, it shook the windows the dogs went crazy at that point I was like what the heck got outside and you could see the flames shooting over the house.”

Fire crews arrived quickly and were able to put out the flames before the house caught fire, and Lein is thankful to her neighbors to sprang into action and came to her rescue.

“I’m just very blessed that everyone is here to support me,” Lein said. “Just very blessed.”

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