Portland man pushes for ‘do not knock’ list

Like a "do not call" list, it would prevent solicitors from coming to your door

A house in Portland. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Most people are familiar with the idea of “do not call lists” but one local man is pushing for a “do not knock” registry for Portland.

Matthew Sanders testified before the city commissioners on August 3, asking for laws to protect people from door to door sales.

City of Portland tips for dealing with solicitors

“It’s just like a ‘do not call’ list,” Sanders said. “You can put your name and address on that and then you are not supposed to be contacted by solicitors of any type.”

Lake Oswego, Vancouver and Hillsboro have some ordinances that limit when people can knock on doors, and solicitors face fines if they don’t follow the rules.

He says a lot of cities in the Midwest and eastern US have “do not knock” registries that have been successful.


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