Clark County voters oust councilor David Madore

David Madore came in 3rd in a 3-candidate race

Clark County Commissioner David Madore, July 16, 2014 (KOIN 6 News)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — After years sitting on the Clark County council, David Madore was ousted by voters in Tuesday’s Washington primary.

Election Results – Clark County

The longtime Republican council member came in 3rd in a 3-candidate race, garnering only 22.55% of the vote.

In a message on his Facebook page, Madore conceded defeat:

“Thank you to so many who worked so hard helping citizens to learn of my track record and willingness to continue working hard for the citizens of our community. It appears that citizens have chosen different leadership.”

Tanisha Harris was the top vote-getter, followed by John Blom. They will face off in November. Neither has previously held elective office,

Madore came to the county council in 2012 and is perhaps best remembered for opposing the Columbia River Crossing. He also sided with then-Councilor Tom Mielke on a contentious issue to place “In God We Trust” in the Clark County public hearing room.

Over his years on the council, Madore and other council members often heatedly clashed, including Tuesday night, as witnessed in this exchange:

Chair Mark Boldt: “You have lied and lied and lied in your Facebook. Now you come with this. It’s pathetic.”

Councilor Julie Olson: “The purpose of this hearing is to do one thing, and that’s to embarrass (Mr. Mark McCauley) and that’s what you are hellbent on doing right now. I’m not going to participate in that process with you.”

Madore: “I object to this board obstructing.”

Blom, a Republican, said he’ll work for consensus.

“I think what people are looking for, especially in county and city government, is collaboration,” Blom told KOIN 6 News. “(Diviseness) very much circled around the incumbent in this position.”

Blom also said when faced with needing to find solutions, the council resorted to name calling.

He added a projected budget shortfall must take center stage.

“Right now residential construction is paying for all the building fees and traffic impact fees, whereas commercial development isn’t paying any in,” he said.

Madore said he had many meetings Wednesday and declined a request by KOIN 6 News for an interview.

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