Hillsboro family thanks officer for act of kindness

Peyton Larson's bike was stolen overnight

A Hillsboro officer brought Peyton a replacement bike after his was stolen. (KOIN)

HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN) —  A Hillsboro family is grateful for a random act of kindness by a police officer this week.

Nicole Larson forgot to put her son Peyton’s bike in the garage overnight, and in the morning, it was gone.

She reported the theft to police and just a few hours later, Hillsboro Police Officer Mike Thompson called to say he had a replacement bike for Peyton.

“He brought that bike,” Larson said. “And he was happy to give it to him. He told me he really felt bad that a little buddy was without a bike.”

Thompson got the bike from the evidence shed, and those bikes get donated anyway.

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