Krude Rude Brood ‘torture chamber’ trial to begin

David Ray Bartol is charged with attempted and aggravated murder

David Ray Bartol shown in a jail booking photo released by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.
David Ray Bartol shown in a jail booking photo released by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A “Krude Rude Brood” gang member, who is accused of repeatedly stabbing an inmate in the eye with a shank, ultimately killing him; and using his gang’s torture chamber to attempt to kill two men will go on trial this week.

The trial of David Ray Bartol is scheduled to start Monday and will last through Aug. 5.

It is expected jury selection will start Monday with opening statements later this week.

Bartol has been in and out of detention centers since he was 15 years old, according to court documents. His first arrest came in 1989.

According to prosecutors, Bartol is a member of the street and prison gang called “Krude Rude Brood.”

Multnomah County Attempted Murders

Bartol is charged with the attempted murder of two men, Nicholas Remington and Ron Murphy.

Nicholas Remington

According to court documents, the crimes against Remington are said to have occurred in late December 2012 at Tom’s Auto Body located near Southeast 84th and Southeast Powell Blvd. Investigators learned the auto body shop is where Brood “gang members work, hang out and conduct drug transactions.”

Remington was also affiliated with the gang.

The motive for Remington’s attempted murder was the belief that he was responsible for a theft, according to court documents.

Remington was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a vehicle. He was driven to the auto body shop where Bartol and David Corbit stripped, tortured and beat Remington with a baseball bat, according to court documents.

“Nicholas Remington described David Bartol and David Corbit torturing him by using a belt sander to remove a tattoo from his upper arm, telling him repeatedly that he is ‘going to die,’ and placing a motorcycle helmet on his head and then shooting him in the head multiple times with a rifle with a silencer,” according to court documents.

It remains unknown if Bartol actually discharged the firearm, because in an interview with detectives he said he intended on shooting Remington for snitching but his silencer came off.

Prosecutors go on to add that after torturing Remington, Bartol and Corbit injected Remington with a syringe of heroin in the neck and another syringe of meth into the arm.

Ron Murphy

Records show the attempted murder of Ron Murphy occurred in mid-February 2013.

According to records, there was a dispute over Murphy having ripped off a man and allegations that Murphy slept with a woman with whom Bartol was involved romantically with.

Murphy told investigators that he went to the auto body shop and that’s when Bartol, and three other men, forced him into the back of the shop into a spray paint booth where “he was tortured and beaten with a baseball bat.”

At one point, Murphy tried to escape and stabbed one of his attackers before being shot in the abdomen by Bartol, records show.

Murphy was “dumped in the middle of SE Powell Blvd. where he was nearly run over,” according to court documents.

Murphy had “serious permanent injuries and later died of a heroin overdose,” according to court documents.

When detectives executed a search warrant at the auto body shop, they found Murphy’s blood inside the spray paint booth.

Marion County Homicide Investigation

Bartol is scheduled to go on trial in Marion County in September for the death of Gavin Siscel.

Siscel died days after being attacked in June 2013 while inside the Marion County Jail.

According to court documents, Siscel was watching TV in a dayroom when Bartol walked over to the deputies’ desk area and grabbed a flashlight. He put the flashlight inside the front of his pants and walked up to Siscel from behind.

Bartol took the flashlight from his pants and struck Siscel in the back of the head.

“The defendant then retrieved a shank and plunged it into (Siscel’s) left eye,” according to state prosecutors.

As Siscel was crying out for help yelling, “No! Why? Please stop!” Bartol removed one of his sandals and started pounding the shank over and over into Siscel’s eye, according to court documents.

“(Bartol) walked away from (Siscel) and began howling,” according to court documents.

Siscel died three days later in the hospital.

The aggravated murder trial is scheduled to last 9 weeks, concluding in November.

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