Child possibly ingested LSD near Oregon Country Fair

The 19-month-old child is expected to make a full recovery

The Oregon Country fair. (KOIN)

VENETA, Ore. (AP) — A toddler has recovered after possibly ingesting LSD at a campground near the Oregon Country Fair.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says the parents found the boy on the Fourth of July with a piece of tinfoil that had dots on it, resembling LSD. Within minutes, the child started acting strangely.

The boy who is 19 months old was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a Portland children’s hospital. He has since been released.

The Register-Guard reports the substance is being tested to determine if it is the psychedelic drug.

The parents and toddler were staying at a campground near the fair property, several days before the free-wheeling event officially began.

The sheriff’s office says the parents are not facing charges because there’s no indication they possessed whatever substance the child ingested.

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