Man gets 18 years for assault on infant daughter

The girl, now 2, can't sit up, is blind and relies on a feeding tube

Timothy Gonzalez book photo. (Washington County Sheriff's Department)

HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN) – A 27-year-old man abused his infant daughter so violently that she will never have a normal life.

Timothy Michael Gonzalez will spend the next 18 years in prison for what he did to his then 7-month old daughter in Dec. 2014.

State prosecutors still don’t know specifically how Gonzalez caused the girl’s injuries.

“Best we can tell, there was some sort of event,” Washington County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Barton said.

Detectives with the sheriff’s office have had to rely on medical experts to decipher the injuries that include bleeding in the brain, lack of oxygen to the brain, retinal hemorrhages, and contusions to the left ear, left eye and right neck.

“It’s really a guess as to how he did it,” Barton said.

One thing is clear, Barton said, the cause was no accident.

“There is no plausible accidental or medical event that could explain these injuries,” the prosecutor wrote in court documents.

Barton describes the girl as being a “perfectly healthy 7-month-old baby” when she last saw her month. The girl was spending the night with Gonzalez on what was described as their first “overnight” visit.

The next morning, the girl had become the victim “of a combination of traumatic injuries that can only be the result of a series of assaultive acts,” Barton writes in court documents.

The case parallels a recent case involving a babysitter in Sherwood who is accused of abusing a child. In both cases, the child victim could not speak because of their age. Both children had bruising.

In the Sherwood case the bruising was the extent of the physical injury, but in Gonzalez’s case, the girl’s injuries were described by Barton as “life-altering.”

Because of the assault, the girl is a “completely changed person,” Barton said.

She cannot sit up and is blind.

To reach the 18 year prison sentence, the DA’s office sought enhancement factors so the judge could make an upward departure and give Gonzalez more time than the presumptive sentence of 90-110 months in prison.

A judge found Gonzalez guilty of 3 enhancement factors, which allowed the presumptive sentence range to be doubled.

Gonzalez will not receive any time reduction in his prison sentence. He will get credit for time served.

Barton said this case is “a good example of how bruising isn’t always a good indicator of the extent of a (child’s) injury.”

He added that any type of bruising on a non-mobile infant is suspicious.

“It doesn’t mean it’s criminal,” Barton said. But it should serve as a potential warning sign to friends and family of the infant.

“This case is a good example of where bruising is minor but where the injuries inside the child’s head are so severe,” Barton said.

The Oregonian/Oregon Live reports that Gonzalez will appeal his conviction. The paper also reports that the girl, now 2, can show her mother love and express joy, but that’s about it.

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