Oak Leaf mobile home residents may end up on street

The land Oak Leaf mobile home park is on is up for sale

Residents of Oak Leaf mobile home park are worried about becoming homeless. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Some neighbors in Northeast Portland may be kicked out of their homes to make way for development.

Dozens of people who live at the Oak Leaf mobile home park say they could end up on the street. Residents recently got the news that this property was up for sale and odds are, they’ll have to move out.

Residents at Oak Leaf previously attempted to get a loan from the city so they could buy the land themselves.

This part of town, along NE Killingsworth, is prime real estate. There are condos on the right, construction on the left and right in the middle — Oak Leaf mobile home park.

Debbie lives on Social Security that covers the monthly bills at Oak Leaf, but a few hundred dollars doesn’t go far in Portland current rental market.

“Now I have to try and find a place to live. It’s not easy. I’m on Social Security,” Debbie said. “I can’t afford it. It makes me real nervous.”

“Just the way of the world, they want to buy stuff and put in new buildings and shut all of these old parks down,” another Oak Leaf resident, Ben Stanton said.

Some think it’s a good thing for the neighborhood, including one business owner who called the mobile homes an eye sore that hurt neighborhood potential.

Anne Maver, who lives across the street, is lobbying the city to help fix up these homes and give the people who live there a chance to stay.

“I know that’s an attitude but I’m looking at the bigger picture. People will go homeless and then where will they be?” Maver said. “People getting kicked out of their homes for profit, it’s just sad.”

On Thursday, Portland City Commissioners will hear from neighbors in the Cully area who are trying to keep people in their homes by upgrading the mobile homes.


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