The latest scam warning: Spear Phishing

Millennials, not just seniors, are falling for scams

Department of Justice

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Scammers are constantly trying to unlock your computer or con you into giving them personal information over the phone. Now, the FBI, the Oregon Attorney General, and AARP are warning about another scam: Spear Phishing.

Spear phishing works similarly to the phishing scam, except instead of a wide net, scammers are more targeted in their attempt to gain information.

Officials held a Scam Jam event Thursday in Beaverton, giving people tips on how to avoid scams.

First, don’t respond to emails, no matter how real they look. Call the company instead to see if it’s legit.

Second, if you are caught in a scam, report it to the Attorney General’s office and your local police department.

Officials also say “wiring money” and “prepaid cards” are 2 phrases that scammers use the most.

Oregon has a Scam Alert Network which alerts consumers to the latest scams. Officials are also holding a second Scam Jam event in Portland on Friday.


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