Are you ready for things to really heat up?

Hot sun. (MGN Online)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It might be a little premature, and I should know better as a forecaster, as someone who knows weather models change from update to update, but this week looks to be hot and next weekend is showing signs of some true heat. What I mean by that is areas of upper 90s to triple digit heat. The first week of June and first weekend of June look like they could be on the sizzling side. Here are two weather models that meteorologists and forecasters use to determine temperature (there are many other elements at play but just across a blank page here are some numbers):

 tempswow                                 tempswow2

( GFS 18z run 5/29/2016 courtesy              (ECMWF 12z run 5/29/2016 courtesy of WeatherBELL Models)

Basically what both weather models are depicting is a core of heat building with valley temperatures pushing the upper 90s. The eastern side of the state and areas of Washington and the Gorge pushing into triple digits.

Last year was an exceptionally warm summer. In fact the month of June saw it’s fair share of 90 degree days:


As you can see the month of June had 9 days of 90 degrees or above at the airport which was the most on record since 1940. This could be another June where we see some days at or above June with the forecast that we have coming up. Will that continue through the month? Well time will tell ( I don’t like long range forecasting).

I’d just like to NOTE* many forecast models change, we will have to monitor the updates and watch what we have going on in the atmosphere before we for sure say next weekend will be one of those hot weekends. Either way the first official day of summer is June 20th…we have a few weeks before we get there, but it sure will feel like it. Our normal daytime high for this time of the year is the lower 70s.

Enjoy the heat!

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