Precision Castparts hears from angry neighbors

Air quality concerns are at an all-time high for neighbors living near the facility

Inside Precision Castparts in Portland (KOIN, file)
Inside Precision Castparts in Portland (KOIN, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Precision Castparts met with its neighbors for the first time Wednesday night to talk about the continuing issues of toxins in Portland’s air.

Concerns are at an all-time high for neighbors of the aerospace manufacturing giant in SE Portland near Mikwaukie.

‘We’ve got a concerned community that doesn’t trust us, doesn’t trust the government agencies,” said Aaron Johnson, general manager for Large Structurals at Precision Castparts.

Johnson feels following through on the commitment to continue meeting with neighbors is a step in gaining trust back.

“Really we’ll be judged by our actions, right,” he said.

People are afraid the air they breathe is littered with dangerous chemicals used in the plant’s manufacturing process. There are also signs of a nickel plume hanging over homes near the facility.

Precision Castparts says it has just finished installing new emissions controls.

Julianne Reardon, who lives near the facility, asked how many stacks are still without those controls, but doesn’t feel like she got an real answer.

“It makes me think. It makes me feel like they didn’t actually value this meeting,” Reardon said.

She said Precision Castparts owes the community what it’s asking for — change.

Johnson says they’ll know how effective the new filters and control are when more data is available a month from now.

“We comply with our permits and if complying with our permits doesn’t marry up with the health standards, then that upsets me greatly,” Johnson said. “I want to be a good environmental steward.”

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