Results for air monitoring near Precision Castparts

Residents don't need to take any precautions

Precision Castparts, file. (KOIN)
Precision Castparts, file. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Health Authority have released results from one of 3 air monitors near Precision Castparts.

The results show arsenic levels are more than 4 times above the health based target, but still below Oregon 24-hour screening levels. Nickel levels are 2 times above the health based target and hexavalent chromium is one time above the target. Those results are also below Oregon 24-hour screening levels, which means there is no immediate health threat, according to the OHA.

“Most of what we found so far is what we’d expect in a typical urban environment, nine metals were being monitored and all but 3 were below our air quality goals,” says David Farrer, a toxicologist with the OHA. “The 3 that were not below our goals are arsenic, hexavalent chromium and nickel and even though arsenic is above our air quality goals, it’s still in the typical range for urban areas.”

This data was taken between March 30 and May 4. Data from 2 other monitoring stations at SE 45th Ave. and SE Harney Dr. will be available mid-June.

On May 16, Precision Castparts installed additional pollution devices to supplement the filters and bag houses already in place.

Health officials and Precision Castparts maintain that there is no health risk to the community.

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